Third Cycle of Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC - Self-Study Report-2017

Self-Study Report-2017
Volume - I & II

Osmania University, established in 1917, is the seventh oldest in the country, third oldest in South India. The establishment of Osmania University symbolizes a beginning of renaissance in the Indian educational system and has shown a remarkable resilience throughout its existence. The University is instrumental in the propagation of Higher Education catering to the needs of community in the region for over nine decades and has grown into one of the major Universities of India.

Osmania University, guided by its vision and mission, nurtures globally competitive skills among the students with a quest for excellence, meeting the benchmarks of international standards of Higher Education. Further, the University continuously strives to address the national concerns on the quality and relevance of the higher education by evaluating its strengths and weaknesses in curriculum, teaching, learning, evaluation, research, infrastructure development, and governance. In the past, the University has volunteered for 'Assessment and Accreditation' with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) during 2001 and 2008. In the two previous accreditations, the University was graded with highest rating due to the untiring efforts of all the stakeholders over the years. The University with its achievements and challenges could continuously out perform its competitors.

The University has been ranked one among the top 10 universities in the Country for six consecutive years from 2009-10 onwards by India Today - Nielson survey based on performance radars. It also achieved the status of a 'University with Potential for Excellence' during IX Plan which secured its position as one among the top 15 universities in the country. Further, the university has received substantial grants from DBT, DST and UGC to enhance the research infrastructure and capabilities of the faculty in different thematic focused areas having multidisciplinary approach.

Now, the University is ready for 3rd Cycle of 'Assessment and Accreditation'. As a part of this protocol, the Self-Study Report is prepared with the inputs supplied with lot of enthusiasm and vigor by all stakeholders of the University. The data obtained is carefully compiled and synthesized into a meaningful document reflecting the credentials and iterative improvements after the 2ndcycle of accreditation.

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