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Private colleges, run by educational societies and philanthropic trusts, form the backbone of the Under Graduate College Education at Osmania University. There are around 500 such colleges (Government and private) offering technical and non-technical courses at both Post-Graduate and Under Graduate levels scattered in the different districts under the umbrella of Osmania University, which monitors academic functioning and is the examining body for the granting of degrees. The University has no financial commitment for the management of these colleges. These colleges provide teaching and laboratory facilities to admitted students, who after completion of teaching, appear for the examinations conducted by the University. However, to assist them in the academic development, enable their growth by guiding them in obtaining funding from Government sources, and to coordinate activities between the colleges and the UGC, the University has established a College Development Council. The UGC has accorded a high place to the development and improvement of the standard of affiliated colleges in view of the fact that about 80% of the student population receive education in the colleges. The Osmania University therefore approved the establishment of the College Development Council and makes appointment of a senior faculty member to the position of Dean, College Development Council.


The colleges under second category are those which are administered directly by the State Government. The administrative and financial management of these colleges is the concern of the Government. All academic matters including course design and curricula development, student evaluation, staff development and training are the responsibility of the University. The University has the responsibility of maintaining academic standards in these colleges through close monitoring and periodic academic audits. There are 42 such colleges in this category.


The third category of the colleges are those which are in the domain of private management. The administrative and financial responsibility of these colleges rests with these private managements. Often, the State Government exercises its control in administrative and financial matters of these institutions. The role of the University is to ensure proper academic standards through regulation of course design, curricula development, evaluation of students, faculty development, staff recruitment and training and the periodic assessment of institutional performance. There are 458 colleges in this category.

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