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Website address Publisher
http://lib.myilibrary.com/Browse.aspx Pearson Edn. Ltd.
http://sk.sagepub.com/ Sage Publishers

List of E-Books Purchased by University Library

S.No. Title Author Ed./ Year Publisher
1. Foundations of Micro Economics Bade 7 Pearson
2. Agricultural Economics Drummond 3 Pearson
3. Macro Economics Froyen 10 Pearson
4. Macro Economics Gordon 12 Pearson
5. Mathematical Methods for Economics Klein 2 Pearson
6. International Economics:Theory and Policy Krugman 10 Pearson
7. International Business Law August;Mayer;Bixby 6th Pearson
8. The pearson Legal Refresher for the Judicial Services Examinations Bhardwaj 2nd Pearson
9. Constitutional and Administrative Law bradely 16th Pearson
10. Text, Cases and materials on Medical Law Cherkassky 1st Pearson
11. Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Demarr;DeJanasz 1st Pearson
12. Criminal law Elliott 11th Pearson
13. Financial Accounting for decision makers Artill Pearson
14. Financial Management for decision Makers Artill Pearson
15. Management Accounting for Decision Maker Artill Pearson
16. Students guide to Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards Black Prentice Hall
17. Managerial Economics Agarwal Pearson
18. Digital Signal Processing Proakis, Manolakis 4 Pearson
19. Cellular Mobile Communication Rao 1 Pearson
20. Basic Mechanical Engineering (Vel Tech) Pravin Kumar 1 Pearson
21. Mechanics Datta 1 Pearson
22. Introduction to Industrial Robotics Ramachandrannagarajan 1 Pearson
23. Fundamentals of Sociology Bhushan; sachdeva 1 Pearson
24. Teaching of Social Science Pearson Series 1 Pearson
25. Manhattan Review : The GRE Complete Guide Manhattan Review 1 Pearson
26. GATE Computer Science and Information Technology Trishna Knowledge System - GATE 1 Pearson
27. GATE Electronics and Communication Trishna Knowledge System - GATE 1 Pearson
28. GATE Mechanical Engineering Trishna Knowledge System - GATE 1 Pearson
29. Cloud Computing Srinivasan 1 Pearson
30. Java Programming Pearson
31. Mobile Computing Garg 1 Pearson
32. Programming in C++ Kamthane 2 Pearson
33. Data Warehousing and Mining ITL ESL 1 Pearson
34. Doing Your Business Research project John Beech 2014 Sage Publisher
35. Critical Management Research Emma Jeanes/TonnyHuzzard 2002 Sage Publisher
36. Research Design for Business and Management SiahHweeAng 2014 Sage Publisher
37. Intellectual property and Business Rodney D.Ryder/Ashwinmadhavan 2014 Sage Publisher
38. Navigator Psychology of Leadership S Alexander Hadiam/Stephen Reicher Sage Publisher
39. Navigator Strategy and Globalization Kari Moore/Louis Hebert 2009 Sage Publisher
40. Strategic Leadership Across Cultures Robert J. House 2013 Sage Publisher
41. Navigator Financial markets 4-Vol set Jeff Madura Sage Publisher
42. Identification and Evaluation of Learning Disabilities Evelyn S Johnson 2014 Sage Publisher
43. Assessment for Education ValentinaKlenowski 2013 Sage Publisher
44. Formative Assessment for Teaching and Learning Bill Boyle 2013 Sage Publisher
45. Quantitative Research for the Qualitative Research Laura m O Dwyer/James A Bernauer 2013 Sage Publisher
46. Reflective practice in Education and Training Jodi Roffeybarentsen 2013 Sage Publisher
47. Key Concepts in Educational Assessment Tina lsaccs/catherine Zara 2013 Sage Publisher
48. The New Elementary Teachers handbook Kathleen jonson/Nancy Cappelloni 2010 Sage Publisher
49. A Development Approach to Education Young Children Denise H dabniels/Patrica k Clarkson 2010 Sage Publisher
50. Poverty is Not a Learning Disability Tish Howard/Sandy Grogan Diresser 2010 Sage Publisher
51. Indian Higher Education PawanAgarwal 2009 Sage Publisher
52. Plant Stress Physiology Shabala, Sergey 2017 CAB International
53. Abiotic Stresses in Crop Plants Chakraborty U 2015 CAB International
54. Ethnobiology Plants and Health New perspectives on the Health environment plant nexus Olson,ElizabethAne 2016 Springer International Publishing
55. Complete Guide for Growing Plants Hydroponically Jones, Jr. J.Benton 2014 CRC Press
56. Photosynthesis, Volume 10 The Biochemistry of Plants Hatch, M.D. 2014 Academic Press
57. Inorganic Chemistry A Textbook Ser: The organometallic Chemistry of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Huynh, Hanvinh 2017 John Wiley
58. International Series of Monographs on Chemistry: Density functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules Parr, Robert G 2015 Oxford Press
59. Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology; Soil Degradable Bioplastics for aSustainable Modern Agriculture Malinconico, Mario 2017 Springer
60. Organo Transistion Metal Compounds and Related Aspects of Homogeneous Catalysis pergamon Texts in Inorganic Chemistry Shaw, B L 2016 Pergamon
61. Chemical Analysis:A Series of Monoghraphs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications:Handbook of Coal Analysis(2) Speigst, James G 2015 John Wiley
62. Synergy in supramolecular chemistry Nabeshimm, T 2014 Proquest
63. Light Matter Interaction: Physics and Engineering at the nanoscale (2) Weiner, John 2017 OUP Oxford
64. Physics Research and Technology : Photonic Crystals: Characteristics, Performance and Applications Goodwin, Barbara 2016 Nova Science Publishers Inc
65. Solid State Phemomena : Physics and Technology of Nanosturctured materials IV (1) Galkin, NikolayGennadievich 2016 Trans Tech Publications Inc.
66. Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications Fraden, Jacob 2015 Springer
67. Physics of Semiconductor lasers Mroziewicz, B 2017 North holland
68. ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy: Advances in E-Governance:Theory and Application of Technological initiatives Trotta, Anthony 2017 Routledge
69. Public Administration and Public policy : Logics of Legitimacy:Three Traditions of Public Administration Praxis Stout,Margaret 2016 CRC Press
70. Public Administration and Public policy : Democracy and Civil Society in a Global Era Romaniuk, Scott Nicholas 2016 Routledge
71. Public Administration and Information Technology : The Future Internet: Alternative Visions Winter,Jenifer 2015 Springer
72. Public Administration and Information Technology; Open Challenges for Public Governance (1) Gasco-Herbabdez, Mila 2014 Springer
73. Public Administration, Governance and Globalization:Parliamentarians professional Development : The Need for Reform
74. Public Administration in the Context of Global Governance Kim,s. 2014 Edward Elgar Publishing
75. Social movement and Democracy in the 21st Century Taylor,dylan 2017 Springer
76. Games of Conflict and Cooperation in Asia Motoshi Suzuki-Akira Okada 2017 Springer
77. The role of Terrorism in 21st Century Warfare Martin, Susanne-weinberg Leonard 2017 Oxford univ press USA
78. Marriage and Values in public policy: Conflicts in the UK, the US and Australia Van Acker, Elizabeth 2017 Taylor and FrancisLtd.
79. Nuclear Multilateralism and Iran:Inside EU Negotiations Cronberg, Tarja 2017 Oxford univ press USA
80. The puzzle of 21st Century Globalization: An International Economics Primer Franko,Patrice M-Stamos,Steve 2017 Rowman& Littlefield
81. Social Movements in Chile; organisation, Trajectories and political Consequences Donoso, Sofia 2017 Springer
82. Plant BioChemistry Hans Walter Heldt 2010 Academic Press
83. Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration: Concepts and Cases Cox, Raymond W 2015 Routledge

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