P.G.Courses - M.A.Socail - Syllabus

Economics  FINAL Year
I Economics of social sector and environment
II Economics of growth and development
III Indian Economic Policy
IV Agricultural Economics
V Industrial Economics
I Indian Political Thought
II Research methodology
III Social movements in india
IV Government and Politics in Andhra Pradesh
v comparative politics
I Human Resource Development
II Employer-Employee Relations
III Industrial Relations & Labour Management
IV Compensation Administration 
V Research Methods
I Historiography and Historical Methods
II History of India 1752AD-1947AD
III Socio Economic History of Modern India (1757-1947)
IV History Of Andhra AD1323-AD1956
v world history 1872-1964
I Sociological Perspectives & Theory
II Urban Sociology & Urban Development
III Social Anthropology
IV Sociology of Education
V Statistical Foundations

Previous Year

I Micro Economic Analysis
II Macro Economics
III Quantitative Methods
IV Public Economics
V International Trade and Finance
I Western Political Theory
II International Relations
III Indian Political System
IV Political Sociology and Political Economy
v Public Policy
I Environment of Public Organisations
II Mangement
III Organizational Behaviour
IV Personnel Management
I  Ancient Civilizations
II History of India from earliest times to 1206AD
III Socio Economic history of medieval india(1206-1757AD)
IV History of Andhra up to 1323AD
v History of Modern World(AD1453-1871AD)
I Development of Social Thought
II Sociology of Development
III Rural Sociology and Rural Development
IV Industrial Sociology
V Methodological Foundations

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