M.C.A - - Eligibility




1.        Instruction in the various subjects in each semester shall be provided by the College as per the scheme of instruction and syllabi prescribed.


2.       The distribution of marks/grade based on Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE)

and the Semester End Examination (SEE) shall be as follows:



Continuous Internal

Evaluation (CIE)

Semester End

Examination (SEE)

Each theory course




Each practical course









3.        Grades are awarded based on the combined marks secured in the Semester End Examination (SEE) (University Exam) (Maximum 70%) and Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) (Maximum 30%) as per the criteria stated in the following Table:


Academic Performance in terms of marks



Grade points

Marks ≥ 90%



80% ≤ Marks < 90%



70% ≤ Marks < 80%



60% ≤ Marks < 70%



50% ≤ Marks < 60%



40% ≤ Marks < 50%



Marks < 40%




*Out of 30 for CIE marks, 20 marks are to be awarded on the basis of two internal tests (each of 10 marks weightage). Remaining 10 marks to be awarded based on assignments/tutorials/quizzes etc., in the course.

Two internal tests will be conducted in each semester. Each test will carry 20 marks, out of which 6 marks for Part-A consisting of objective and short answer questions and 14 marks for Part-B consisting of subjective questions. Average of two tests plus marks obtained in assignments/tutorials/quizzes etc will be taken as CIE marks.

** Out of 25 CIE marks, 10 marks are allotted for viva-voce exam and laboratory record and 15 for test and observation.

**50 SEE marks for Practical, 20 marks are allotted for viva-voce exam and laboratory record, 30 marks for test and observation.


*** The theory question paper of Semester End Examination shall be prepared in accordance with the following guidelines

(a)    should contain seven full questions of 14 marks each

(b)    each question should have minimum two subdivisions

(c)    at least one question from each unit and not more than two questions from any unit

(d)    covering all units of the course syllabus.

# Out of 50 project CIE marks, 25 marks to be awarded by the guide/supervisor and remaining 25 to be awarded by the subject expert committee constituted by the concerned HOD.


##The evaluation of MCA project for maximum of 100 marks will be done as per guidelines given below:

i)     40 Marks are allocated for quality of the project work covering

(a)     Literature review, (b) Innovation/ Originality, (c) Methodology and (d) Relevance / Practical application.

ii)    30 Marks are allocated to Report writing /Documentation.

iii)    30 Marks are provided for candidates performance in terms of his/her viva-voce examination and overall subject knowledge.

Note: A course that has only CIE marks but no SEE as per scheme is treated as Pass/Fail course for which pass marks are 50% of CIE marks.

4.        The courses shall be on the semester pattern as specified earlier.

5.        The distribution of the marks shall be as specified in the course structure and scheme of instruction.

6.        The details of instruction period, examination and vacations shall be notified by the university in consultation with the concerned Dean.

7.       The medium of instruction and examination shall be in English.

8.     The examination prescribed may be conducted by means of written papers, practicals and oral tests, project reports, inspection of certified sessional work in laboratories or by means of any combination of these methods as may be deemed necessary.

Candidates will be required to produce complete Lab Records of the Practical work done by them in each practical examination, along with other materials prepared or collected as part of Laboratory work / Project.

9.        All the general rules for examinations (given under part IX) shall be adhered to.

10.     A candidate shall be deemed to have fully passed the Semester End Examination of any semester, if he/she secured not less than the minimum marks/grades as hereinafter prescribed.

Minimum pass marks/grade in the


plus CIE shall be:

Each Theory Course ………...


E Grade

Each Practical Course / Project Work…..


D Grade


11.     If a candidate in any semester/examination of the course fails to secure the minimum marks in any subject, then he/she shall have to appear only in the failed subject of the semester.


Rules of promotion are as follows:



Conditions to be fulfilled for promotion


From I Semester to II Semester

Regular  program  of  study  of     MCA     I  Semester     and obtained Hall ticket for MCA I Semester.


From II Semester to III Semester

a)        Regular  program  of  study of MCA    II Semester and obtained Hall ticket for MCA II Semester.

b)     Must have earned at least 50% of credits prescribed for MCA I Semester and II Semester. The number of credits a candidate can have as backlogs , if any, I and II semesters put together shall not exceed 50% of cumulative credits.


From III Semester to IV Semester

Regular program of study of MCA III Semester and obtained Hall ticket for MCA III Semester.


Note: If the number of credits permitted as backlogs turned out be fraction, the credits are rounded to next higher digit.

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